Closed Case - Caso arrumado

English text by David Mendonça
Closed Case - Caso arrumado
I hadnt seen you in almost a month.
You arrived, and one more time,
You were well acompanied.
You sat down at my table
With all the certainty
That our case was closed.
She didnt want to hear me,
but you asked with a smile
for our favorite fado.
I did it for you, I sang,
And when I came back to the table
She had already gone.
Its not the first time
That we started as three.
I sing and then, after,
That fado that Ive sung
becomes a blessed remedy.
And it ends with the two of us.
I know that youll be back
To once again use
this case with no solution.
I will sing our fado:
your case will be closed,
but our case, not.